Meandering in May in Munich

Just a few photos from May before heading to the USA. A new sighting at my bridge, Brudermühlbrücke Near Westendstr Candidplatz Up somewhere north random

Munich Masterpieces in March

Another long walk through Munich, enjoying the weather starting to warm up a bit. Plus some extras spotted around Munich in March. Tumblingerstr Viehhof Candidplatz, and nearby Extras

Tunnel of Colour at Corneliusbrücke

I could admire this tunnel for hours! What a work of art, I love the colour, the completeness, the contrasts and the details. If you’re in Munich, head down to the Corneliusbrücke underpass and take in the delight of these colourful bricks! There are some fantastic professional photos and work-in-progress photos here in the artist’s…

The Long Isar Art Trail

All the way from Brudermühlstraße to Oberföhring along the magical Isar     The pedestrian tunnel under the Friedensengel.    

The colours of the Isar

More Sunday walking, more Sunday snapping. Along the Isar and around Glockenbach and Au. Stickers & stencils around Glockenbach and Au.

Happy Valentine’s Day in Munich

It never ceases to amaze me… If I just walk a slightly different route to usual I uncover more and more painted walls and bridges.

Around the Isar and Brudermühlbrücke

Although the large walls under the bridge are most impressive and may be considered the “main attraction”, it’s always fun discovering what else is nearby. The more you look, the more you find.  The Brudermühlbrücke underpass has some beautiful work, but what I don’t understand is how on earth you do you paint the ceiling?…

Under the bridge

More Brudermühlbrücke shots from my weekly walk to my bridge. You can also see some of these in their earlier stages  back in November and October

HNRX in action

While exploring Kultfabrik I had the privilege to catch HNRX in action creating a piece of work. I wanted to say hello and compliment him on his work which is dotted around quite a few locations in Munich, but I was somewhat starstruck and shyness overcame me. I loitered, hurriedly snapped a few shots from…

Kultfabrik is still there!

I went along to Kultfabrik in a bit of a panic this morning, aware that parts of it are/were closing in order for them to build some new building complex. I wasn’t quite sure if all the walls and amazing art were still accessible. I was relieved to find most of it still there and…

Rediscovering Viehhof

After visiting the Viehhof several times recently I can confirm this is currently one of my favourite places in Munich, totally my happy place.So much colour and spraypaint everywhere, on the walls, the ground, the brand new rubbish bins, the abandoned cars… 🙂 The turnaround is pretty quick at Viehhof, so each visit rewards you…

Stumbling upon Tumbling

I did a couple of walks to the Viehhof in Jan and Feb and was pleased to discover the “Tumblingerstr Hall of Fame” on the other side of the very same walls. Depsite having read about Tumblingerstr being a good spot, I though that was just generally referring to the Viehhof. I can’t believe I…