Bruschetta Art in Bozen/Bolzano

The town of Bozen is like a work of art itself. With its twisty turny cobblestone streets, you can go round and round in circles but you always end up back at the ice cream shop.  In addition to some delightfully colourful buildings there were also some treasures painted, pasted, stuck or sprayed on the…

Rabbits in the pink city of Toulouse

Toulouse, the pink city! With a little bit of wandering, wine & cheese (plus a lot of help from this fantastic website) we came across all kinds of painted wonders. Keep an eye out for the rabbit… the most ubiquitous stencil in Toulouse. Such a great way to beautify a construction site! Rue Gramat was a…

Meandering in May in Munich

Just a few photos from May before heading to the USA. A new sighting at my bridge, Brudermühlbrücke Near Westendstr Candidplatz Up somewhere north random

Garda Graffiti

Wandering among vineyards and tiny villages I didn’t see much street art during our speedy weekend trip to Lake Garda, but as usual I was keeping an eye out. I was pleased to spot a few pieces of graffiti so Lake Garda at least qualifies for a mention here. Coolest caravan in town…   Down…

A smattering of graffiti in snowy France

I was surprised to spot a few bit of graffiti and street art while visiting a friend for an Easter snowboarding weekend. A few pieces of artwork adorning the Saint-Jean-d’Aulps Graffiti on the slopes!   This isn’t particularly great, but this was on our way home when we stopped in “Anthy.” So it’s worth preserving…

Munich Masterpieces in March

Another long walk through Munich, enjoying the weather starting to warm up a bit. Plus some extras spotted around Munich in March. Tumblingerstr Viehhof Candidplatz, and nearby Extras

The Long Isar Art Trail

All the way from Brudermühlstraße to Oberföhring along the magical Isar     The pedestrian tunnel under the Friedensengel.    

The colours of the Isar

More Sunday walking, more Sunday snapping. Along the Isar and around Glockenbach and Au. Stickers & stencils around Glockenbach and Au.

Happy Valentine’s Day in Munich

It never ceases to amaze me… If I just walk a slightly different route to usual I uncover more and more painted walls and bridges.

Kultfabrik is still there!

I went along to Kultfabrik in a bit of a panic this morning, aware that parts of it are/were closing in order for them to build some new building complex. I wasn’t quite sure if all the walls and amazing art were still accessible. I was relieved to find most of it still there and…

Rediscovering Viehhof

After visiting the Viehhof several times recently I can confirm this is currently one of my favourite places in Munich, totally my happy place.So much colour and spraypaint everywhere, on the walls, the ground, the brand new rubbish bins, the abandoned cars… 🙂 The turnaround is pretty quick at Viehhof, so each visit rewards you…

Stumbling upon Tumbling

I did a couple of walks to the Viehhof in Jan and Feb and was pleased to discover the “Tumblingerstr Hall of Fame” on the other side of the very same walls. Depsite having read about Tumblingerstr being a good spot, I though that was just generally referring to the Viehhof. I can’t believe I…