Munich Masterpieces in March

Another long walk through Munich, enjoying the weather starting to warm up a bit. Plus some extras spotted around Munich in March. Tumblingerstr Viehhof Candidplatz, and nearby Extras

Rediscovering Viehhof

After visiting the Viehhof several times recently I can confirm this is currently one of my favourite places in Munich, totally my happy place.So much colour and spraypaint everywhere, on the walls, the ground, the brand new rubbish bins, the abandoned cars… 🙂 The turnaround is pretty quick at Viehhof, so each visit rewards you…

Stumbling upon Tumbling

I did a couple of walks to the Viehhof in Jan and Feb and was pleased to discover the “Tumblingerstr Hall of Fame” on the other side of the very same walls. Depsite having read about Tumblingerstr being a good spot, I though that was just generally referring to the Viehhof. I can’t believe I…


First time exploring Vierhof and Tumblingerstr