Some painted walls in New Zealand

I didn’t see a lot of street art or graffiti art on my trip home to NZ. There seeems to be a lot of comissioned, mural-type pieces, which is lovely to see, but I do also appreciate the more chaotic and colourful (and often more emotional or political) nature of random street art. I bet…


First time exploring Vierhof and Tumblingerstr  

Brudermühlbrücke underpass

Aside from the “Official Gallery” underneath the Brudermühlstr bridge, there are some great spots in the vicinity including the amazing underpass on the west side of the Isar.

Paris and my first “Street Art Tour”

So much fun discovering even more street art with my sister on this Paris trip. It felt a  bit strange to join an organised tour to see art on the street, but it was worth it. With a knowledge guide I certainly got many insights that I would not normally get and with not much…

Naples, night and day, pizza and art

Next stop for my sister and I was Naples in Italy. We came across an amazing street full of graffiti and art, but my poor old phone could not handle the poor light at night, so I don’t have much to show for it. But I did get a couple of great street signs and…

Munich – Be You Not Them

Here’s some art around Munich from throughout 2015. I always love the simplicity of some of the messages portrayed in something as small as a sticker. Oh, and I found Wally AGAIN.