Christchurch in reconstruction mode

My 2013 NZ trip started in Christchurch, a city still recovering and reconstructing itself after the devastating earthquake of 2011. It was humbling and inspiring to see lots of creativity, commissioned art and street art and lovely poetry appearing in between the rumble and destruction.

Bits and bobs in Munich… and one from Nürnberg

I lost my phone snowboarding in 2013 so lost a couple of months worth of photos, but thankfully many were also automatically uploaded to Flickr. It’s so annoying to have to learn the hard way! But here’s what we see in the 2013 archives.

There’s more than just canals and bridges in Venice

Venice was one of the highlight trips during mum’s 2013 visit. Although I’d been there before it was quite delightful to share it with mum. I took about 50 photos of different ornate, amazing door knobs… but sadly these were lost in the 2013 phone-losing-incident. Thankfully there are some snaps of street art which were…

Brudermühlbrücke makes its first appearance

Looking through the archives this is the first time the bridge on Brudermühlstr appears in my photos. Despite living in the area for many years already I had not yet discovered this gem. As with all my old photos, the quality is not great, but these oldies are nice for comparison.

Chanced upon a few pieces in Bergen

While most of the art on this Norway trip was of the mother-nature-kind, I did spot these pieces in one of our few and brief forays into a town.

Munich Allstars

In 2012 I not only started noticing street art more, but it also started appearing closer to home. Literally. These two popped up in summer 2012 less than 200m from my home. I walked past these everyday and whenever I glanced at them they made me smile. T-rex was on the road, so he slowly…

Seeing Paris with new eyes

This was my second time in Paris but my first time with the “Street-Art-Hunter” eyes. I was constantly racing to catch up with my travel companions as I paused to snap photos at random locations.

Digging through the archives, 2007 to 2011

Part of the impetus to start this blog was triggered by a long overdue clean up of my digital life. I started taking digital photos on my phone at the very end of 2006 just before moving from NZ  to Europe, and then got an actual camera in 2008. Over the years I have upgraded…