Rabbits in the pink city of Toulouse

Toulouse, the pink city! With a little bit of wandering, wine & cheese (plus a lot of help from this fantastic website) we came across all kinds of painted wonders. Keep an eye out for the rabbit… the most ubiquitous stencil in Toulouse. Such a great way to beautify a construction site! Rue Gramat was a…

Visiting Vancouver, Canada

Whoop, my first time in Canada! Although it was only a brief visit, thanks to my wonderful hosts we managed to fit in a lot. In addition to murals and sculptures, street art and graffiti I also came across some “street poetry” for the first time. It is somewhat poignant, but worth zooming in for…

Art & Tomatoes in Nashville, USA

They may call it the Music City, but Nashville is also rocking some pretty awesome street art. My awesome host drove me all over town showing me the colourful delights of Nashville, and sometimes finding new ones on the way. (May contain traces of tomatoes… Tomato Art Festival)              

Cousins Cruising Chicago and a little bit of Rockport

Exploring the street art in Chicago was quite a special experience for me. Not only did I get to see some amazing art, but  I also got to share my interest with my cousin. A lot of the larger pieces were very new from a recent street art festival in May, so they were new…

Going further afield in Houston, USA

On my next day in Houston I ventured further away (via Uber this time) to some unusual spots in the city, a little bit dodgy at times, but all part of the street art hunting experience. It was totally worth it though, I found some amazing art.                …

Street art in Houston, USA

A new city, a new state and new streets to wander. With  a bit of help from trusty google to guide me, I explored the Heights and beyond.      

More SoMa and Mission, San Francisco

Revisiting some known spots and discovering some new ones!   Oddjob… and the delightful Standing Room Only mixology bar. We used to pass this building almost every day. I did not discover the cocktails of delight inside until my last weeks in SF. http://oddjobsf.com/#sro-section                

More San Francisco in the Sun

A friend came to visit, so naturally we had to explore some of the cool street art spots around the different areas in San Francisco. Not many photos though… I love visiting, viewing and sharing street art with friends, but when it comes to taking photos I really enjoy being on my own so I…

First Explorations in San Francisco, California

The streets of San Francisco are a delight to explore. An explosion of colours, styles and messages to be shared. It seriously does cost an arm and a leg     Haight Ashbury                        

Meandering in May in Munich

Just a few photos from May before heading to the USA. A new sighting at my bridge, Brudermühlbrücke Near Westendstr Candidplatz Up somewhere north random

Exploring the streets of Paris

Another trip to Paris, another chance to wander the streets and hunt out space invaders, gzup’s octopi, dancing girls, and all the interesting stencils and paste-ups adorning the beige buildings of this fascinating city.