Neustadt, Dresden, Street Art Heaven

I had no preconceptions about Dresden, I knew a lot of effort had gone into rebuilding after the devastation of the war, I was expecting lots of nice old buildings and a fun weekend in general. I knew nothing of the colourful, diverse, politically charged suburb of Neustadt. Thanks to the awesome organisational skills of…

Munich – Be You Not Them

Here’s some art around Munich from throughout 2015. I always love the simplicity of some of the messages portrayed in something as small as a sticker. Oh, and I found Wally AGAIN.

Bits and bobs in Munich… and one from Nürnberg

I lost my phone snowboarding in 2013 so lost a couple of months worth of photos, but thankfully many were also automatically uploaded to Flickr. It’s so annoying to have to learn the hard way! But here’s what we see in the 2013 archives.