Les Voyageurs of Geneva

These amazing sculptures were hung (flying) or placed (sitting) around teh bridges and buildings of Bel-Air in Geneva. Silver and sparkly by day, illuminated by night. A mesmerising installation, Les Voyageurs (The Travellers) by Cédric Le Borgne.

Brudermühlbrücke, my bridge in 2014

I visit my bridge regularly throughout the seasons and watch as new art comes and goes just like the snow and sun and autumn leaves. It’s always a treat, I never know what I might find. Feb June November  

Around Munich

I was so pleased that I finally found Wally. Who knew he was in the English Gardens in Munich after all?  

Back in Berlin

This was my first time back in Berlin since my very first visit 10 years earlier. This was a flying-visit of a weekend with a fairly packed agenda, but I was able to spot some pieces on my travels.

Crete, sunshine, sea and art on the streets

We were based in a tiny wee fishing village called Bali for our stay on the island of Crete. From there we did some day trips including one to the city of Chania were I spotted this aray of art on the street.

My own little art installation

I wanted to say happy birthday to my sister with more than just words. I had these little wooden letters, so picked out the ones I needed and then went down to my favourite spot at Brudermühlbrücke at the Isar and took this series of photos.

A couple of extra Kiwi ones

The sheep are obviously commissioned sculptures, but they are in the street and arty-farty and cute as cupcakes, and so very New Zealand.