Les Voyageurs of Geneva

These amazing sculptures were hung (flying) or placed (sitting) around teh bridges and buildings of Bel-Air in Geneva. Silver and sparkly by day, illuminated by night. A mesmerising installation, Les Voyageurs (The Travellers) by Cédric Le Borgne.

Brudermühlbrücke, my bridge in 2014

I visit my bridge regularly throughout the seasons and watch as new art comes and goes just like the snow and sun and autumn leaves. It’s always a treat, I never know what I might find. Feb June November  

My own little art installation

I wanted to say happy birthday to my sister with more than just words. I had these little wooden letters, so picked out the ones I needed and then went down to my favourite spot at Brudermühlbrücke at the Isar and took this series of photos.

A couple of extra Kiwi ones

The sheep are obviously commissioned sculptures, but they are in the street and arty-farty and cute as cupcakes, and so very New Zealand.