Under the bridge

More Brudermühlbrücke shots from my weekly walk to my bridge. You can also see some of these in their earlier stages  back in November and October

Brudermühlbrücke underpass

Aside from the “Official Gallery” underneath the Brudermühlstr bridge, there are some great spots in the vicinity including the amazing underpass on the west side of the Isar.

Brudermühlbrücke, my bridge in 2014

I visit my bridge regularly throughout the seasons and watch as new art comes and goes just like the snow and sun and autumn leaves. It’s always a treat, I never know what I might find. Feb June November  

My own little art installation

I wanted to say happy birthday to my sister with more than just words. I had these little wooden letters, so picked out the ones I needed and then went down to my favourite spot at Brudermühlbrücke at the Isar and took this series of photos.