Hi-de-hi from Heidelberg


I finally made it to Heidelberg, it’s been on my “to do” list for years. I was treated to plenty of railway graffiti views during the train ride there from Munich and thanks to a helpful website I was also able to find some hot spots of spraying in this beautiful city.

We also happened upon several wonderfully painted utility boxes (I guess… not sure what you’d call them?) the first one was directly opposite the train station, which I took as a good sign of things to come!


The amazing skate park under a bridge. There was one young guy, skating around, looking at me very quizzically then whizzing into my shots.


Along the Neckar and Karlstor


Underpass… For sprayers in training perhaps. The quality was not great, but after such a mission to find this spot, at least we got some colour!


More awesome utility boxes, the first featuring the popular tourist sights of Heidelberg. The second looking very similar to doodles in my notebooks.


Big thanks to chillr.de


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